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32% of German politicians' websites are unencrypted

Comparitech has conducted a study on website security by 7,500 politicians in 37 countries.

60% of them do not use a valid SSL certificate - and that although half have forms integrated, for example for creating user accounts or subscribing to the newsletter. Especially in cases where user input is requested, the transmission of data should be encrypted. In addition to encrypting the data, SSL certificates also check the authenticity of websites. When visiting the website, the visitor can be sure that it is not a forgery and that his data may be tapped by third parties. Certificates are a cheap investment and quick to set up. As soon as a website is secured by a certificate and reachable by "https://", the data transfer is encrypted. This means that third parties cannot intercept and decrypt the data.

It is pleasing to note that Germany ranks 3rd among the most secure websites for politicians in the study. Only the USA (26%) and Great Britain (31%) are better represented. Less pleasing, however, is the number of unencrypted websites of German politicians, which in our opinion is still quite high. Politicians of the FDP have the best results with 16% in Germany. Hungary (91%), Poland (91%) and South Korea (92%) are at the bottom of the list. Further figures of this study can be found on the Comparitech website. Like the website of it is secured by a certificate.

Is the data transfer to your website encrypted? Can your visitors trust that they are surfing on the right website? We will be happy to advise you which certificate is the right one for your requirements.

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