Secure provision of domain services

Safety is a top priority for us. It goes without saying that we follow the recommendations for domain registrars. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has published this under "Secure provision of domain services".

In this publication, the BSI also stresses that "the reliable registration and administration of Internet domains in the worldwide Domain Name Service (DNS) network is of great importance, especially for commercial use".

With a domain management by we set effective measures against the shown attack ways for you. Because far beyond the basic protection like secure server systems, monitoring, SSL connection offers the recommended protection measures:

  • Password policies
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Access restriction per IP
  • Two Factor Authentication („123SecureID”)
  • Restrict access to subgroups of domains
  • Logging
  • Change history of DNS data
  • Monitoring of DNS data
  • Confirmation of changes to customer data
  • different contact addresses for different processes
  • WHOIS data review reminders
  • alternative communication channels such as telephone, fax, mail
  • Additional protection by deactivating the customer interface for certain domains
  • 24/7 support and SLAs
  • Protection against unauthorized domain transfers through manual checks
  • Transfer-Lock as standard option
  • further protective measures by the awarding authorities, if offered
  • Protection of deletion processes
  • Consideration of the recommendations of the BSI „Secure provision of domain services
  • competent customer support
  • Identity check against domain abuse
  • Tests for malicious use of domains
  • Cooperation with CERTs and law enforcement agencies

Domain names with high business value have a special relevance for our customers. For these high-profile domains we offer the following services recommended by the BSI:

  • Quality service for customers of high-profile domains
  • Consideration of domain registrations as a critical business process
  • Protection against expiration of domain registrations
  • Protection against domain hijacking
  • Processing of changes with a focus on low error rate
  • personal customer service

We follow the recommendations for domain registrars:

  • Protection by stipulating that changes must only be accepted in writing
  • Real-time monitoring of DNS data, especially WHOIS data
  • Assistance with legal questions concerning domain registration, abusive use and trademark law aspects

We think it makes sense to supplement these already very comprehensive recommendations for action with additional services to protect your domains:

  • Controlling the DNS configuration
  • Execution of domain changes to special domains only after multi-level authorization validation („123DomainProtect“)
  • Continuation guarantee even in case of late payment
  • Protection of certain domain changes using two-factor authentication

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