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Brands secure the value of a company to a significant extent: customers often identify with products and services based on the brand. An established brand creates trust, builds long-term relationships with customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders and leads to important competitive advantages. Brands offer recognition value, protect companies from free riders and can represent considerable assets with increasing awareness.

In order to take advantage of registered trademarks, they must be registered, registered and maintained. Are all important trademarks successfully registered? In which countries are the important trademarks protected? Are all entries current? Will entries expire shortly? Are there similar trademarks of competitors who have applied for registration?

Your trademarks and domains are closely linked: Some domain extensions cannot be registered without registered brand names. Registration in the Trademark Clearinghouse - and thus preferential treatment for the new domain extensions - is not possible without a registered trademark. Legal disputes with third parties over registered domains are hardly successful without corresponding trademark rights. On the other hand, active domains can be used as proof of the use of a trademark.

You have registered your trademarks via trademark attorneys – but have you also cleary arranged the relevant data of your trademarks, up-to-date and automatically available? This is the only way to develop and pursue strategies in good time to protect and further expand the success of your company.

123domain.eu helps to stay on top

With us you have clearly listed all relevant information about your trademarks and domains. Important deadlines are immediately visible, so you won't miss a renewal of your registered trademarks. Our systems monitor the surroundings of your brands and inform you automatically about changes.

You can forward these prepared information to your trademark or patent attorney or give him separate access to our customer information system so that he can access the data available there.

A match made in heaven...

The direct connection of your trademarks and domains saves you time and money, the relevant information is quickly visible to you and your lawyers and the environment of your trademarks and domains is monitored. Ultimately, you can secure strategic competitive advantages in this way.

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