Toplevel database

On this page you will find an overview of all domain extensions in which you can register domain names with If, contrary to expectations, you cannot find a top level in this overview, please contact support for further information.

Details on the toplevel .cm

On this and the following pages you will find information on the registration conditions and contraints of all toplevel domains available for registration.

Domain information

Toplevel .cm
Subdomains  free sSecondlevel (standard)  free secondlevel (standard)  free sSecondlevel
State active
Amount per registrant not restricted
Constraints none
Name binding yes

Who is allowed to register?

Individuals no individuals
Companies no companies
Brand owners European trademark, International trademark

Registration requirements

Additional requirements

trademark owners can register .cm. You have to provide the validity of the trademark. Furthermore a or must be registered for the same registrant.

Trustee currently not possible, please contact our support

Information on the registration process

Duration 7-14 working days
not required

Prices and availability

Information on prices and availability of domain names in this toplevel are available in the extended toplevel database within the customer information center after registration.

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