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Liberalization of .uk domains from June 10, 2014 - What do domain owners need to consider?

For several months now, the registry in England has been planning to liberalise its top level. From June 10, 2014 it is now possible to register…

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New gTLDs: .ruhr free registration from March 23, 2014!

With .ruhr Germany has received its first new top-level domain (new gTLD), which was launched before other cities such as .london or .nyc with their…

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New gTLDs: .ruhr is Germany's first new generic top-level domain

Even before the new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs) of well-known cities such as .london, .nyc or .paris, the first German new gTLD is launched…

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Liberalisation expected in England - registration directly under .uk should be possible soon

The registry for domains in England - Nominet - has been reviewing a possible liberalisation of the current registration conditions for some time and…

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New gTLDs: First domain extensions for introduction

Finally the time has come and the first new domain extensions are about to be introduced!

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New top-level domains and domain management: opportunities for your company

The registrar, based in Dortmund and specialized in international domain management for more than 15 years, cordially invites you to this…

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New gTLDs - mid-term evaluation phase and government recommendations for action

In order for a new domain extension to become available to you, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) must check the…

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Neue Toplevel: Markenschutz über das "Trademark Clearinghouse"

Die ersten neuen Toplevel-Domains (ngTLDs) stehen kurz vor der Einführung. Um Markeninhaber beim Schutz ihrer Rechte zu unterstützen, hat die ICANN…

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.ruhr - eine neue Domainendung für die Region weckt Heimatgefühle

.com schon vergeben, .de natürlich registriert, .asia zu weit weg, .eu noch zu global? .ruhr wird die neue Domainendung für die Region Ruhrgebiet!

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ICANN veröffentlicht die Prioritätenliste

Welche neuen TLDs können vor anderen registriert werden? Mit der Veröffentlichung der Priorisierungsliste wurde bereits Anfang des Jahres von Seiten…

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Professional Web – .pw als neue Domainendung für jedermann!

Registrieren Sie jetzt .pw – das „professional web“!

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Nicht nur bei der täglichen Arbeit will das Team von (ingenit) hoch hinaus!

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