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Die 5 größten Fehler im Domainmanagement – ein Vortrag im Rahmen der DIWODO

In diesem Jahr findet wieder die digitale Woche Dortmund (DIWODO) statt, diesmal vom 26.-30. September 2022. Hier dreht sich alles um das Thema…

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Register typo domains or take the risk of third-party registration?

The medical and safety technology company Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA with the headquarter in Lübeck, Germany, now has had experiences with a typo domain…

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Liberalization of .au-Domains in Australia - important date for domain owners

Until March this year, it was only possible to register third-level domains in Australia, such as or Since March 24,…

learn more is now also registrar for .sn is - according to the concept "first-hand domains" - continuously expanding and extending its memberships with registries.

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When your own domain is suddenly gone

The domain was not renewed and thus caused chaos in the meantime. If the domain was called up at the beginning of February, the user was…

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The Brexit and its consequences for .eu and .fr

It's done and the partnership agreement with the EU and the United Kingdom joined the transition period on time. Since 1/1/2021, the agreement is now…

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123domain and CoVid-19

In the current situation, the health of our employees and a socially responsible approach are top priorities for us. And so we too will do everything…

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Black Friday - the trademark cancellation application has been filed

Black Friday is not only something for bargain hunters, the law courts have also been dealing with it for some time now.

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Short domain names and registrations directly under .ar will be soon possible in Argentina.

The minimum character length was 4 characters.

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EURID reacts to the ongoing uncertainty regarding BREXIT

The Brexit negotiations are back and forth. Everyone is eager to see whether there will still be an orderly exit of Great Britain from the EU.

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Good chances of successful complaints with offers to buy domains

The English company FCUK has successfully filed a complaint with WIPO and has been awarded the disputed domain

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WIPO assigns the domain to Liebherr

Typosquatting domain in your own portfolio protect your brand!

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