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DM sues and wins

According to a decision by WIPO, the domain is to be transferred to the domain portfolio of the drugstore chain.

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Lidl gets two .eu domains

WIPO considers Lidl's appeal to be justified and decides to transfer the two contentious domains to Lidl.

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The new website of is online

We have revised our website under and published it last week. The relaunch has a contemporary design and a modern, clear structure. The...

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The domain must be deleted due to trademark claims

The complaint was decided in favour of the complainant. The domain must now be deleted by the domain owner.

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Dispute to the domain was successful

In accordance with the complainant's request, WIPO has decided that the domain must be deleted.

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Curaçao celebrates 125th anniversary of the local trademark protection law

In 1893, shortly after the first trademark was registered in Curaçao, the entry into force of its own trademark protection law was decided by royal...

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Despite trademark claims, the domain remains with the domain owner

The complaint (D2018-0168) to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) regarding the domain has been decided in favour of the current...

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Transfer of the domain based on UDRP

The complaint procedure for the domain was decided in favour of the complainant: the domain will be transferred to her.

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Cybersquatting cases at WIPO set a new record in 2017

In its press release of March 14, 2018, WIPO publishes current figures of cybersquatting cases that it dealt with in 2017.

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The Kenyan TLD .ke will soon be available for direct registration

Soon domains will also be available directly under .ke. Until now, interested parties could only register domains under an SLD such as or...

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Introduction of the new domain extension .amazon still unclear

There is still no agreement between the Amazon trading platform and the countries belonging to the Amazon region. Amazon wants to use this new domain...

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Registry contract for .museum will be extended

The Internet administration ICANN is likely to renew the contract for the French-based Registry MuseDoma (.museum).

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