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Dortmund, 02/17/2014: From Tuesday, 02/25/2014 domains can be registered under the new domain extension .ruhr by companies and private individuals with their registered office or residence in the Ruhr area.

There are currently far-reaching changes in the domain market: The well-known top-level domains (TLDs) such as .de, .com or .fr are supplemented by many new domain extensions (new gTLDs). A total of 1,930 applications for new gTLDs have been submitted and experts assume that several hundred of them such as .shop, .mail or .marketing will be in great demand. Even before the new gTLDs of well-known metropolises such, .nyc or .paris, the first German new gTLD was launched with .ruhr.

For the people living in the Ruhr area, resident companies and institutions as well as all friends of the Ruhr metropolis worldwide, there is now finally a new domain extension to strengthen their affiliation. The residents, freelancers, sports and cultural clubs, leisure or public facilities as well as companies based in the Ruhr area can use .ruhr to demonstrate their direct affiliation to the Ruhr metropolis and further advance the monumental structural change of this marked region online. Already in the so-called sunrise phase, trademark owners had the first chances to register .ruhr domains.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, the Ruhr phase begins, during which local companies, organisations and private individuals from the Ruhr area will have the opportunity to register their preferred domains for one month until March 26, 2014. This is followed directly by the phase of general availability, in which interested parties who have not previously fulfilled the respective conditions can now also register their desired domains. Being quick pays off: As is customary in the domain sector, domains are allocated by the registry in the last two phases according to the "first come - first served" principle.

Interested parties can apply for their desired domains under the new gTLD .ruhr directly at registrars like Being quick is worthwhile in order to increase the chances of your desired domain and to avoid possible third-party registrations. Further information can be found at is an expert in global domain management. As a brand of ingenit GmbH & Co. KG, the Dortmund-based company has been a specialized partner for all European and international companies for over 15 years and offers support for marketing agencies as well as patent and trademark attorneys.

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