DNS Anycast - Performance gain and protection against DDoS attacks

DNS service by 123domain.eu

Almost all services on the Internet (Web, e-mail, etc.) depend on the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS infrastructure should therefore be an elementary building block in every security strategy.

The DNS service of 123domain.eu has been running stable and with an availability of 100% for years. We guarantee this with a professional hosting of our DNS infrastructure at various locations worldwide - some locations in Germany, in the USA and Singapore. The permanent availability over all the years of operation speak for themselves.

Current threats

However, the initial situation has changed rapidly in recent times. In addition to the ever-increasing relevance of the speed of responses, the security aspect in particular has come into focus.

Even before Corona, DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks were on the rise, and in the wake of accelerated digitization during the pandemic, a surge in such attacks can be observed. According to the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), they have become the biggest cyber threat. One type of this threat, for example, is an attack by groups such as "Fancy Lazarus," which use botnets to attack companies of all industries and sizes worldwide in order to extort protection money. Requests to name servers in heavy overload cause Internet services such as websites, e-mail communication or other services to be severely restricted or even unavailable. For the companies affected, this often means major economic damage with accompanying loss of reputation.

Alliance for cyber security

We take cyber threats very seriously and have long been involved in the Alliance for Cyber Security, among other things, to shape and expand this in Germany. We have also already established high security standards for our customers. Even though our customers have so far been largely spared this type of attack, there is still a risk that should not be underestimated.

DNS-Anycast by 123domain.eu

To further extend the protection against a DDoS attack, we therefore recommend the use of DNS-Anycast. With DNS-Anycast, the performance of the DNS as well as the reliability can be significantly increased, since behind the name servers visible in the network there are no longer individual servers, but many DNS servers distributed worldwide, which appear together as one DNS server and which, depending on the geographical location and availability, deliver the responses in an accelerated manner. 

In cooperation with two partners specializing in this service, we can offer our customers up to 50 globally distributed name server clusters, which significantly increases reliability. If this DNS-Anycast option is used for the configuration of your domains, the risk of a DDoS attack is reduced to a minimum by redistributing the requests to the different servers.

DNS-Anycast integrates seamlessly into the 123domain.eu DNS infrastructure. 123domain.eu has integrated DNS-Anycast services into its services in such a way that this service can be easily added via the customer interface. Of course, the support is also happy to help you with the setup.

Depending on the number of domains you want to activate DNS-Anycast for, we will gladly make you an individual offer.

You benefit from:

  • highest availability of the DNS even at higher load capacities
  • maximum protection against DDoS attacks
  • shorter DNS response times

Feel free to contact us if you want to enable DNS-Anycast for your domains and protect yourself effectively against DDoS attacks.

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