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Cybersquatting cases at WIPO set a new record in 2017

In its press release of March 14, 2018, WIPO publishes current figures of cybersquatting cases that it dealt with in 2017.

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The Kenyan TLD .ke will soon be available for direct registration

Soon domains will also be available directly under .ke. Until now, interested parties could only register domains under an SLD such as or…

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Introduction of the new domain extension .amazon still unclear

There is still no agreement between the Amazon trading platform and the countries belonging to the Amazon region. Amazon wants to use this new domain…

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Registry contract for .museum will be extended

The Internet administration ICANN is likely to renew the contract for the French-based Registry MuseDoma (.museum).

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McDonalds completes the introduction of .mcd and .mcdonalds after five years of preparation

The McDonalds Corporation originally wanted to establish the two new domain extensions .mcd and .mcdonalds, but now asked the internet administration…

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Introduction of the new generic TLDs brings WIPO a new record high in 2016

On 16 March 2017, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) published the latest figures in a press release.

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Bulgaria now also starts with Cyrillic domain extension

Finally the waiting is over and beside .bg domains the Cyrillic counterpart .бг can be registered.

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Trouble about domain of US actor John Malkovich

John freaks out in front of the camera and can't believe that his domain has been registered elsewhere.

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.fi - free for registration!

The registry FICORA for .fi domain names has liberalized the registration guidelines and changed to a registry-registrar model. .fi domains are now…

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.at-domains now also available with 1-2 characters!

Soon the time will come: from August 29, 2016 the registration of domains with 1 or 2 characters will be possible in Austria.

learn more is now an .ee-Elite partner! was the first German registrar to be accredited as an "Elite Partner" by "Eesti Internet SA" at the end of July 2016.

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Australia is getting closer and closer to its announcement to register domains directly under .au

As early as April 2015, we informed you that the Australian registry was considering allowing registrations of domains directly under the top-level…

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