The Brexit and its consequences for .eu and .fr

It's done and the partnership agreement with the EU and the United Kingdom joined the transition period on time. Since 1/1/2021, the agreement is now valid and also affects the toplevel domain (TLD) .eu and .fr.

EURID, the administrator of the TLD .eu, has placed with effect from 1/1/2021 those domains in "suspended" status that have been registered for companies or private individuals with a company or domicile in the United Kingdom. In this status, no services - such as web servers or emails - can be used anymore, but domain owners can transfer their domains, adjust contact details or delete the domain until 3/31/2021. If the domains still do not meet the current registration requirements - company or domicile of the domain owner in the EU - the domains will be set to "withdrawn" status as of 4/1/2021. These domains can then be registered by third parties from 1/1/2022.

In France, the situation is somewhat different with the French administrator AFNIC: .fr domains already registered (and other TLDs administered by AFNIC) can still be renewed by domain owners with a company or domicile in the United Kingdom. This is possible, as the conditions were met accordingly at the time of registration (including company or domicile in the EU). However, no new domains may be registered if the domain owner is domiciled in the UK. In this case, the company or residence is no longer in the EU since Brexit. has informed the owners of all affected domains in time and has adjusted the contact details of the domain owners accordingly.

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