Liberalization of .au-Domains in Australia - important date for domain owners

Until March this year, it was only possible to register third-level domains in Australia, such as or Since March 24, 2022, individuals and companies with local presence or registered trademarks can register second-level domains directly under .au and take advantage of a shorter domain name.

However, there is another important date regarding this liberalization that domain owners of third-level domains should remember: Until September 20, 2022, there will be a prioritized allocation of the short domain etension for domain owners who have registered a corresponding domain under one of the second-level extensions with the Australian registry (auDA) in the past. We recommend all domain owners of third-level domains, especially companies, to check whether a prioritized allocation is possible and if so, what the priority is. The registry in Australia distinguishes between two different priority levels: the older a domain is, the higher the probability that the best priority level applies.

Until the aforementioned deadline, the registry will hold domains under .au as reservations for which corresponding third-level domains exist. After September 20, 2022, these domains will be released accordingly and can be registered by anyone who meets the official registration requirements.

We are happy to assist you in registering the shorter second-level domains for you. For companies without a registered office in Australia, we offer our trustee service to fulfill the registration requirements and register domains in Australia. Please contact us by phone at 0049(0)231/58698123 or by email at


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