Short domain names and registrations directly under .ar will be soon possible in Argentina.

The minimum character length was 4 characters.

Now the Argentine registry has changed its conditions for the registration of domains, so that shorter domain names are possible under the SLDs - and above all domains can be registered directly under the top level domain .ar.

The change of the minimum character length is now one character. Domains with one, two or even three characters can now be registered. This change can be of great interest especially for companies with a short company or brand name or an equally well-known abbreviation. However, this innovation only affects registration under an SLD such as For the TLD .ar, the minimum character length of 4 characters still applies for the domain name.

Until now, it was only possible in Argentina to register domains under a second-level domain (SLD) such as or This has also changed by the registry in Argentina, so that domains can now also be registered directly under the TLD .ar. As usual, the introduction of the .ar TLD will be subject to various phases in which special conditions apply:

  1. Preferred registration (09/11/2019 - 11/09/2019)
  2. Registrations of particularly interested parties (11/25/2019 - 01/23/2020)
  3. General registration (from 02/23/2020)

In the first phase, all domain owners of an SLD like are allowed to apply for the registration of the corresponding domain under .ar. However, the condition is that the domain has already been registered before 12/01/2015. If several applications are received for the same domain name, the decision will be made by lot.

In the second phase, every interested party may submit an application to register his desired domain under .ar for a higher fee. If there are several applications for the same domain, the decision will be made by lot.

With both changes, the Argentine registry aims to generate more registrations and to promote the democratization of its SLDs and TLDs. We will be happy to advise you on the registration process or carry it out for you. Please contact us directly by phone at +49 231 58698-123 or by email at


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