When your own domain is suddenly gone

The domain spamcop.net was not renewed and thus caused chaos in the meantime. If the domain was called up at the beginning of February, the user was shown a standard parking page from the operator of the domain and all emails worldwide were no longer delivered.

Spamcop has been part of Cisco since 2007 and is a popular spam blocking list. Among other things, email hosters check whether the sender of incoming emails is on blocking lists such as Spamcop's and do not deliver the corresponding emails in such cases.

The requests are executed using DNS: if a request comes back, the corresponding IP address is listed on the blocking list. However, the default park page was configured to return an IP for each request, so all requests were returned as spam. As a result, countless emails worldwide could not be delivered, even to completely different domains, because the mail servers reacted accordingly.

In the meantime, the domain spamcop.net is accessible again. The exact reasons for the reactivation of the domain are not published and it will take some time until all DNS servers deliver the correct data again.

Also in the past one or the other well-known domain has become free (for example provinzial.de). Once a domain is free, it can be registered by anyone. And if it is then no longer available as usual, everyone can easily calculate how high a possible redemption value (depending on the reputation of the domain) can be or how long the legal process (depending on the circumstances) can take.

This example illustrates once again how important it is to have the right domain manager on your side: Processes should be checked down to the last detail and monitored at all times, and particularly relevant domains should receive special protection on top of that.

Have you had similar experiences or would you like to protect important domains from your portfolio? Contact us directly by phone at 0049 (0) 231/58698-123 or by email at support@123domain.eu. Many well-known companies already use our various additions to our already high security standards. An excerpt of some of our customers can be found here.

Sources: heise.de, golem.de

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