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BMW gets the domain "bmẉ.com"

The Group has filed and won a complaint. This is the transfer of the internationalized domain name "bmẉ.com".

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"Zosamme sin mir nit allein" –10 years together on the journey!

People from Cologne and Dortmund have a lot in common: The love of the fans for the respective football club,
the enthusiasm for alcoholic hop drinks...

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Allianz opens appeal proceedings and wins

The domain must be transferred to the insurance company.

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Freeloader tries to fool WIPO and loses

The domain must be transferred to the Indian trademark owner.

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Shell is awarded ngTLD domain name

The domain will be transferred to the trademark owner following a WIPO procedure.

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Impact of Brexit on the TLD .eu

The withdrawal of the UK is scheduled to become final on March 29, 2019 and will also affect the Top Level Domain (TLD) .eu.

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Trademark owner of Wikipedia is awarded domain

The domain (typo domain) was already registered in 2004 and will finally be transferred to the trademark owner of Wikipedia.

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Karls Discounter Domain will be transferred

Criminal energy is creative in finding lucrative domain names.

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DM sues and wins

According to a decision by WIPO, the domain is to be transferred to the domain portfolio of the drugstore chain.

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Lidl gets two .eu domains

WIPO considers Lidl's appeal to be justified and decides to transfer the two contentious domains to Lidl.

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The new website of is online

We have revised our website under and published it last week. The relaunch has a contemporary design and a modern, clear structure. The...

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The domain must be deleted due to trademark claims

The complaint was decided in favour of the complainant. The domain must now be deleted by the domain owner.

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