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Good chances of successful complaints with offers to buy domains

The English company FCUK has successfully filed a complaint with WIPO and has been awarded the disputed domain

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WIPO assigns the domain to Liebherr

Typosquatting domain in your own portfolio protect your brand!

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WIPO publishes alarming stats for 2018

There were 12% more domain abuse cases than in the previous year.

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32% of German politicians' websites are unencrypted

Comparitech has conducted a study on website security by 7,500 politicians in 37 countries.

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Registration of domains with alternative spellings protects against long-standing domain disputes

The worldwide known company Würth has experienced it themselves and after long 18 years the domain wü has been adjudicated to the company by...

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Extended domain protection can protect against misuse

IBM is now waiting for the transfer of

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Christmas season

is time to be contemplative, to meet friends and family, to gather dear people around you.

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BMW gets the domain "bmẉ.com"

The Group has filed and won a complaint. This is the transfer of the internationalized domain name "bmẉ.com".

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"Zosamme sin mir nit allein" –10 years together on the journey!

People from Cologne and Dortmund have a lot in common: The love of the fans for the respective football club,
the enthusiasm for alcoholic hop drinks...

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Allianz opens appeal proceedings and wins

The domain must be transferred to the insurance company.

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Freeloader tries to fool WIPO and loses

The domain must be transferred to the Indian trademark owner.

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Shell is awarded ngTLD domain name

The domain will be transferred to the trademark owner following a WIPO procedure.

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