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Our customer interface DBMS (Domain & Brand Management System) has received an exciting upgrade.

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Our customer interface DBMS has received an exciting upgrade. With our latest innovation - the dynamic dashboard - we are taking the user experience to a new level. Each user can customize the dashboard to see exactly the information that is most relevant to their account.

What makes our new dashboard so special? After the update, it offers flexible areas that cover a wide range of relevant information, including

  • Active domains: at a glance, the user can see how the portfolio is distributed across a wide range of top-level domains (TLDs).
  • Development of the number of domains: this shows the development of the number of domains in recent years. The graph shows movements and can provide information about various company events.
  • Pending domain deletions: this shows the canceled domains that are about to be deleted. Users can check this list regularly to avoid unwanted deletions.
  • Domain states: the most recently registered domains are listed here and current orders such as registrations and transfers are displayed.
  • Expiring SSL certificates: the next expiring certificates are displayed. The user can take action here in good time to renew them before they expire.

These new features provide all users with a comprehensive overview of their online assets, and also allow them to respond quickly and proactively to any challenges that may arise. With customization options, users can ensure that their dashboard is tailored to the exact needs of their business, allowing them to work even more efficiently.

We are convinced that our dynamic dashboard will help our customers to process their tasks faster and have an even better overview of their domain portfolio.

Do you have any questions about the latest update to our customer interface or would you like a demonstration of these functions? We are happy to answer your questions or comments by telephone on 0049231/58698123 or by e-mail at and look forward to hearing from you.

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