Optimize now the domain management for the new year

Advent season - slowly but surely the current year is coming to an end and the new one is just around the corner. In 26 days it will be Christmas and in 33 days the turn of the year. So there is still enough time to plan a contemplative celebration or to organize a short vacation. It also means, privately and above all professionally, to close the current year and to dare an outlook on the new year and to concretize plans in the average quieter time.


Those responsible for domains in a company can dare to look back and look forward on the basis of the following points and now can bring together the most important information for the domain strategy. The result can form the basis for this relevant topic in the company:

  1. Current domain portfolio
    At best, there is a current overview of which domains are registered for the company and/or subsidiaries or sister companies, including the respective terms. Are there domains that are part of the portfolio, but which were in fact registered by/for former employees or former service providers and are therefore not under the administration of the company? In this case, the responsible persons should discuss with their registrar(s) how this fact is to be cleared up.
  2. Outlook
    Which corporate or marketing strategies are planned for the coming year and how do they influence the domain management? Specifically, this may mean creating an overview of domain names and alternative names to be registered. An analysis, supported by the registrar's assistance, provides information on which domains to focus on and which, if any, should be considered as alternatives. Likewise, domains should be considered which are of great importance for the company portfolio but are registered elsewhere. For these cases there are different possibilities to transfer them to the company portfolio if necessary. In addition, the registrar provides information on what changes to the registration conditions will or may occur in the future. On the one hand, there are opportunities to register domains that were previously not possible, to obtain a shorter domain extension or to save costs.
  3. Protection of particularly relevant domains
    Are the most important domains or the access to the portfolio especially protected? Which possibilities are there and which are already used or should be implemented in the company in the future? Misuse of domains can lead to loss of reputation and/or high costs. For example, domains registered by others with the same name may be sued for or bought back.
  4. Organizational aspects
    How is domain management organized in the company, which departments are involved and which is in charge? How are the various tasks distributed among possibly diverse employees? What has gone well so far and where is there potential for improvement? Does the personnel planning for the new year also concern this area, so that new colleagues can be expected and they receive appropriate access data, an introduction and a familiarization with this exciting topic?

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