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Are your missing crucial domains in your portfolio?

A domain name is as individual as a fingerprint and can only be registered once per domain extension. But the right domain name must also belong to…

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Albanian Domains under .al can be registered without restrictions with

Every company and every private individual can now register domains under the top-level domain (TLD) .al via Until now, this has only…

learn more meets standards according to the recommendations of the BSI

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has developed and published recommendations for Internet service providers and companies on…

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Estonia changes the registration conditions

The registry in Estonia "Eesti Interneti SA" changes the current registration conditions for .ee and allows domains with an administrative contact…

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Australia soon also available directly at .au?

The Australian registry is considering allowing registrations of domains directly under the top-level domain (TLD) .au.

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Sweden shortens the minimum length of a domain name to one letter

Sweden is not only the largest country in Scandinavia in terms of area, it also has the largest number of domains registered in this region with over…

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New gTLDs: Registration under .nrw finally possible

With 17 million people on an area of 34,000 square kilometres, NRW is the most populous federal state in western Germany. Around 22% of Germany's…

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New gTLDs: Current study shows interest in the new domain extensions

The current study on domain name preference conducted by Research Now for the Domain Name Association (DNA) in 10 countries at the end of last year…

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Cyrillic domain names in Macedonia under their own domain possible

Domains in Macedonia are usually registered under the top-level domain (TLD) .mk, now Cyrillic domain names can also be registered under .мкд.

learn more adds DNSSEC for further top-level domains

DNSSEC (Domain Name Security Extensions) was developed to enable the extension and protection of the Domain Name System (DNS) by digital signature.

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Introduction of short domain names in France

The French registry AFNIC, like some other registries, is currently opening the namespace and will soon allow domain names under the toplevel domain…

learn more Encrypted e-mail communication has always encrypted all connections to the website ( and the customer interface ( using…

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