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New gTLDs: 245 new domain extensions can already be registered with

It is now over a year since the first of many new domain extensions were delegated and can therefore be registered by interested parties. Meanwhile…

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The SWITCH registry is separating from direct customer business for .ch

The Swiss registry SWITCH will cease direct customer business at the end of the year and arrange for the gradual transfer of customer support to…

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Short domain names in Portugal

On November 3, 2014, the Portuguese registry will change the conditions for the registration of domains under the country's top-level domain .pt, thus…

learn more now also with DDNS offers its customers after an extensive test phase now DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) also the possibility to update their domains in…

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New Zealand liberalizes .nz domains from September 30, 2014 - What do domain owners have to consider?

After the top-level domain (TLD) .uk was liberalized, New Zealand is now following this trend and will soon offer the possibility to register domains…

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New gTLDs: .hamburg can be registered as of August 27, 2014

As Germany's second largest city, Hamburg is known worldwide for its fish market, the "Landungsbrücken" and the "Speicherstadt". Now it is time to…

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New gTLDs: .koeln and .cologne generally available as of September

The Cologne band Höhner are already talking about it and even in the Ruhr area word has got around: Cologne is a feeling. Besides the impressive…

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New gTLDs: 142 new domain extensions can already be registered

Word should have got around by now that the domain sector is revolutionizing and is currently being expanded by many new domain extensions.

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Liberalization of .uk domains from June 10, 2014 - What do domain owners need to consider?

For several months now, the registry in England has been planning to liberalise its top level. From June 10, 2014 it is now possible to register…

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New gTLDs: .ruhr free registration from March 23, 2014!

With .ruhr Germany has received its first new top-level domain (new gTLD), which was launched before other cities such as .london or .nyc with their…

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New gTLDs: .ruhr is Germany's first new generic top-level domain

Even before the new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs) of well-known cities such as .london, .nyc or .paris, the first German new gTLD is launched…

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Liberalisation expected in England - registration directly under .uk should be possible soon

The registry for domains in England - Nominet - has been reviewing a possible liberalisation of the current registration conditions for some time and…

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